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We invite you to send us your personal testimony. Glorify God

by sharing His wonderful works in your life through this ministry.

The love and passion to speak the truth of God's word is evident in Pastor Greg's sermons. And his desire for everyone to have an intimate personal relationship with God is reflected in the way he leads the congregation and makes new visitors feel at home and part of the family. I know that when I attend, I am welcomed by the members and the pastors.

Silvia R.

Our family feels blessed to be under Pastor Greg and Connie's ministry. We love our church family!

B. Mariboho

The Pastors are truly spirit led! They have helped my spiritual formation for my 14 years I have in ministry. They personally as well as Ignite supports our mission Open Arms in México and we love them dearly! I would recommend this place to any one near and far!

Heidi Keithahn-Elizarraraz

My husband and I moved back to California from NC a few months ago. We are so blessed to have found this amazing church family. God is so good.

April H.

So thankful to attend SWC, Pastors Greg and Connie are a true example of Jesus with flesh on. Our family is blessed to be a part of this beautiful church family.

Christy C.

This church is wonderful! The sermons each Sunday are amazing! Everyone is so welcoming! So blessed to have found this church!

Katie S.

Pastor Greg lays down Biblical truth with accuracy, conviction and in a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. In these troubling times it is imperative that we study God's Word under teachers who can rightly divide the Word of God in the fear of the Lord. I live in Oregon and watch all of Sequoia's services via Facebook on video. So thankful to have discovered Connie and Greg online! They are a couple with deep passion for truth and deeper compassion for the broken, hurting and lost. So grateful for this couple and their team who have made themselves available to not only reach out to their community practically, but to model in their own lives "how to" walk out God's truth in the power of the Holy Spirit, and grow in the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Grace Powers

Roseburg, Oregon

This is absolutely a wonderful church and Pastor Greg and Connie pour their heart and soul into this church make everyone feel so welcome. This is what a church family should look like.

Tracy P.

My husband and I bring our family to this church for many reasons but at the top are, the true word that is taught and the loving people that make this our "church family." We are so blessed to have found it!

Anne-Marie W.


We Love SWC! Pastor Greg has a unique style we absolutely love. So thankful to have found a church family in Sequoia Worship Center. I am excited that my 4 year old will grow up in this loving community.

Nicole B.

Only the most amazing & loving people I have come to know & love with all my heart. The love shines from you two like I have never seen. You are such a blessing to our community. I am so thankful everyday for you. God is using you to gather his children to him & because of that the battle will be won. God bless you always. Love you two more than words can say & your prayer team as well.

Arlene B.

Amazing word of God taught and love to be able to listen to the services on Facebook!! One of the greatest churches around with the Actual true word of God taught! Pastors have true Pastors hearts for their congregation and I'm so grateful for finally finding a place full of love and allows you to be as you are!!! Thank you for teaching the truth and not just giving us what makes us feel good inside!! We all need to grow and being part of this church really has helped me in that area!!! God Bless!

Kelly B.

I love this church; first church I have been to where everyone is your friend and they invest in you . . . 
If you want to feel loved come here.

Leslie L.

I know my opinion is a bit one sided because I am Pastor Greg's wife. But I have to tell you, we have the most amazing church family. I stand in awe of each one that God has brought us. They are precious each and every one of them. I am humbled and stand in awe of the God we serve together. LOVE MY CHURCH FAMILY!

Connie Stoffel

Everyone is so loving and the preaching is true to God's word!

Staci Z.

I greatly praise the Lord for His powerful, ministering work through Sequoia Worship Center. Too much to mention! I look forward weekly, to hearing God's anointed message preached by Pastor Greg Stoffel. I need it, and am so grateful for strong Biblical teaching! God bless & expand His far-reaching ministry through Sequoia Worship Center & Ignite Revival Ministries!

Shawn Patterson

Roseburg, Oregon

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Sing to the Lord, bless His name;

tell of His salvation from day to day.

Declare his glory among the nations,

His marvelous works among all the peoples!

Psalm 96: 2-3

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