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Our Father's Blessings

Our Christmas-time Ministry for Children

It's our joy and privilege to bring "A Christmas Store" to our community each year. Starting in 2016, we have been very blessed that “Our Father’s Blessings” has continued to bring to more than 50 families a year a more enjoyable Christmas season. Our Christmas store is a place where families can come and purchase brand new presents (up to 3 per child) at an 80-90% off of retail price.

Contact us for a nomination form if you know someone in your church family, or surrounding area, who may be in need of our gift ministry. We're also looking for families with children that may be struggling to make ends meet.


To receive gifts, children must be under 18 and living in the home. Their parents must not have participated in our program for more than three years in a row. And, all forms must be filled out completely.

We're very excited about "Our Father's Blessings" Christmas store,  and we are hoping to make a huge impact in the lives of all the families involved - as we spread the love of Jesus Christ in our Springville community this coming Christmas season.

Our Father's Blessings

Springville, CA

December 2016

"Freely you have received ~ Freely give!"

Matthew 10:8

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