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Finally, it happens! You knew the door was there, but now you see it clearly. It leads to an inner chamber. Your spirit knows that you are not only welcome to enter through this door, but you are being compelled to. You step inside only to find the unexpected. It’s different than you could have ever imagined. You’re not sure how much time you have spent in the chamber, but as you leave, you close the door. You have the hopeful expectation of returning. In your hunger for more of what you have found inside, you return day after day, and before you enter, you pause. You look closely at the door. You can feel your heartbeat and you sense the host of angels. Heaven becomes still as all eyes are gazing with you upon the beauty and mystery of the chamber door. As you reach for the door, you ask yourself, “Am I ready?” You know that each time you enter the chamber you will be washed by an unexpected season of the unknown.

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