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About Us

We welcome you to our nationwide church family. It is our sincere desire that with our California church plant of Sequoia Worship Center, and our Ignite Revival Ministries revival services  along with our Facebook pages, service videos and podcasts that we become a place where you connect with God. This should never replace attending a local fellowship, so we also invite you to join us in person or attend a local fellowship in your area.


With our Sequoia Worship Center Pastors, Jeremy and Lindzee Creech and with our Ignite Revival Ministries Apostolic Pastors, Greg and Connie Stoffel, we believe you'll find a place where God is worshipped in Spirit and Truth, and honored through relevant messages centered in His Word.  We're confident you'll discover people with whom you can build lasting, authentic relationships with others who share our vision. We also encourage you to check out our ministry of Bent Bow Outdoor Productions which is run by Pastors Ron and Diana Crouch. 


We believe Jesus Christ is God’s Son, sent to us so we can have a relationship with God. The Holy Spirit is also one with the Father and the Son. Our mission is to become more like Jesus every day! We want to live in a way that demonstrates how much God loves us by extending His compassion and truth locally and globally.

If you’re just beginning to explore how God may be relevant in your life, we want to meet you on that path. If you’re a committed Christian who wants to grow deeper in your faith, we want to support and nurture that desire. May your encounters through Sequoia Worship Center  and Ignite Revival Ministries draw you nearer to Christ, and may you be blessed by a sense of God’s presence in our community.

Our Beginning


 Ron Crouch (L) and Greg Stoffel (R)

In June of 2012, two Springville, California law enforcement officers, Greg Stoffel, California Highway Patrol Officer and Ron Crouch, Springville, California Resident Officer, (both passionate believers) shared with a group of Christians and concerned citizens that within the community of Springville there were severe issues that needed the help of the community to prevent an already downhill spiral of criminal activity and drug abuse.  This group was asked to view the documentary movie, "An Appalachian Dawn," as many of the issues that once ravaged a small town in Kentucky were many of the same issues Springville, California was experiencing.  That same month, over 550 of the 1000 residents of Springville viewed the documentary.  

After the great response from our community, it became clear that fervent and persistent worship, prayer and repentance were needed for the community of Springville, California.  So beginning with only 8 people, we first met on June 4th, 2012.  We decided from that moment to meet on a regular basis and thereafter, and became known as "Ignite Revival Ministries."  We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Ministry.


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