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NEW BOOK RELEASE:  "The Soul Redeemer" by Nancy Bowser


"The Soul Redeemer" may be fiction, but it is a powerful, Holy Spirit inspired book!  This book should be in the hands of every believer!  It teaches the principals of spiritual warfare which is greatly needed in the Church today. I highly recommend it! - Connie Stoffel

INTRO: There is a war that is raging against Nicole's soul. As the memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse begin to flood her mind, the enemy's mission is clear. The demons are to rekindle the fear and torment she endured as a child, and to relentlessly pursue her in hope of leading her to her death. She has become a threat to their kingdom and they want her eliminated! However, there is Another who has been with Nicole from the very beginning and has been just as relentless in His pursuit of her. This Lover of her soul has a predestined purpose for Nicole's life within His powerful Kingdom if she will put her trust Him. His desire is not only to rescue her from the pit of fear, despair and hopelessness, but to lead her into His love, to guard and protect her soul as she chooses to draw near to Him. When Nicole chooses to surrender herself to Jesus and pledges her love to Him, He can finally lead her through the process of hope, healing and freedom. One step at a time, she learns to trust and obey her Savior. He has

commissioned His Holy Spirit and an army of angels to teach her how to use the keys, weapons and tools available to her and to all who belong to the Kingdom of this Almighty God. As the battle for her life rages on, Nicole finds the strength, power, wisdom and discernment in Christ that is needed to overcome the enemy of her soul and the obstacles of spiritual bondage, mental torment, emotional and physical pain. The strongholds of the principalities, powers and demons are broken, and from this place of freedom in Christ, the Lord instills His heart of compassion for others in His Kingdom deep within her. She realizes that His commission for her is to help others find their way to freedom as she did. Nicole is overcome with an urgency to fulfill her predestined plan. Her passion is to encourage others to prepare spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically for their Redeemer's return, and to help them through that process so that they will be able to stand firm in their faith through the persecution and suffering that many will endure before the Lord's return.

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shares a "Love Gift" to Larry D. Jones.

"Bibles for Hunters Program"
We at Bent Bow Outdoor Productions want to offer these compact camo New Testament Bibles free to anyone that wants one, (Perfect size for your daypack). Get one for yourself or have one sent to that special hunter in your life that you want to share God's Word with. If you would like to be a part of this ministry to hunters, please feel free to donate to help support the program.

Donations can be sent through our website: (Bible is NIV with Psalms & Proverbs)  

Thank you, good hunting, and God Bless! Pastor Ronald Crouch

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